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10 Tips for moving with children!

Moving with children is not always easy for a child. In some cases they have to say goodbye to their familiar environment: the house, the neighborhood, their friends and sometimes even their school. This can be very exciting for a child. That is why it is very important to guide your child well during the moving process! Below are a few tips to guide your child in the right way!


Tip 1: Sensitive to change

In most cases, babies are often sensitive to changes, which is why it is important to radiate calmness to your child. For babies and toddlers (0-2 years), it is best to decorate the baby room as much as possible in the same way as their old room.


Tip 2: Read about moving

A toddler may not yet understand what moving means. You could explain it to your toddler by reading books about moving. These types of books are usually widely available in the library. You can then explain to your child that you are also moving, just like the character in the book. Moving with children is easier when the children also understand.


Tip 3: Use your own stuff

Young children are usually very used to and attached to their own things. It is therefore nice for them to take the same things with them to the house. When they are a bit younger, it is also nice to sleep in the same bed.


Tip 4: Take it to the new house

You can consciously involve children from 4 years and older in the moving process. For example, you could take them to look at the house. You could also decorate their bedroom together with your child, what kind of layout, what kind of wallpaper and what kind of paint do they want to choose? This way you can make moving with children a lot of fun!


Tip 5: Explore the neighborhood in advance

You could also explore the area in advance. This way you can already go on trips in the neighborhood, so that your child gets to know the neighborhood. You could also show where the (new) school is located and where the playground is located, where they will play a lot in the future.


Tip 6: Pack your own belongings

Let your child help pack his/her own belongings. This way the child knows that his/her familiar belongings will all come along. In addition, the child can indicate what he/she does and does not want to take with him/her.


Tip 7: Pay attention during the crowds

During the moving process you are usually very busy with everything, but at the same time it is also very important that you give your child enough attention. Make sure you are well aware of what your child is feeling, so that you can help him/her if he/she is sad.


Tip 8: Guidance at school

It is very important that the current and the new school are aware of the move. It is nice for the child if he/she is said goodbye to the old school in the right way and welcomed to the new school in the right way. In addition, the teacher can also provide extra support to the child.


Tip 9: Rest after moving

After the move, it is important for the child to maintain the same peace and regularity as before. This way the child feels safe and at home.


Tip 10: Make friends

It is very important for the child to make friends in the area. This way he/she feels more at home and that makes it more fun to live in that environment. For example, see if you can invite children in the area to come play or stay overnight. Or choose to register your child with a nice (sports) club in the area. This way you make it easier for your child to make friends.


Moving with children

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