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What does a move cost?

You email us as much information as possible about the move you want to have carried out. We will then try to give you the most realistic price estimate possible. The costs of the move are determined on the basis of actual costs, unless otherwise discussed.

Can I complete the moving calculator without obligation?

Yes, that's possible. The questions you answer are without obligation and will not be used for other purposes. Based on your data, we calculate an estimated amount of M3 to arrive at a number of movers and type of moving van. Based on this information, we will then make a no-obligation cost estimate.

What is meant by 'large pieces'?

If you only want to move a limited number of large pieces of furniture or white goods, this falls under large items. You can leave any details in the comments field. Consider the dimensions and weights of special pieces. It is important that you indicate in the comments field if there is a special item included. Think of a piano, grand piano or safe.

How many moving workers during the move?

We prefer to work with two moving workers at all times. With two movers, all your belongings are insured. If you would like to help with the move yourself, that is possible. However, the insurance for any damage to your belongings will then lapse.

Are my belongings properly insured?

Yes, Moving company Direct only works with experienced moving workers. The risk of damage is minimal with us. If damage does occur, your belongings are insured up to an amount of € 100.000.

Are the movers taking a break too?

Yes. We follow the statutory occupational health and safety standard (CAO). This means that they can take a maximum break of 1 hour during a total working day. This will not be passed on to you, it is at our own expense.


What are the call-out costs and which hours do I have to pay?

Call-out costs are costs we incur to drive to you and back to our office when we are ready. We have opted for a fixed amount, so that you always know in advance where you stand. The hours you pay are the hours calculated from the moment we arrive at your first address until the moment we finish at your last address.

I have scheduled the move, but want to change the date. Is that possible?

Yes, that's possible. Please note that changes must take at least 7 days to be communicated. If you report changes within 7 days, we can recover any cancellation costs from you.


What can I do in advance to keep costs as low as possible?

You can do it yourself in advance to ultimately limit the number of moving hours and therefore also the costs. For example, you can already take all the boxes and small items with you to your new home. What also makes a difference is if you, for example, put all the stuff from the attic in the living room or garage/shed. Also disassembly of furniture in advance. saves a lot of time on moving day. Of course, you can also help with carrying during the move.

Can you also move a waterbed, safe, piano or grand piano?

Everything can be moved, but we would like to make a reservation regarding waterbeds. Moving the waterbed is no problem, but we do not empty it and fill it again. There are specialized companies for this. Moving a safe, piano or grand piano does not have to be a problem. You must take its weight into account. For example, two movers cannot move a grand piano. For this we need at least four moving workers. This can also apply to a heavy safe or piano.


Can we also help during the move?

Of course. You don't have to, but it will save time and money if you help. This way you can ensure that everything is in order beforehand, but you can also help with carrying the boxes and possibly furniture to the moving van during the move. In any case, our experienced movers will always load and unload the moving van. This is craftsmanship and we are the best at it! You must take into account that if you cause damage yourself, it is not covered by our insurance.

Do all rates include VAT?

Yes, all rates quoted include VAT for private individuals. We charge 21% VAT for our business customers.


Do I have to pay in advance?

At Verhuisbedrijf Direct you never have to pay in advance. You only pay at the end of the move. This can be done in cash or by ATM.

How do I get an invoice?

An invoice will be drawn up for you after the move. In principle, you have already paid this by contact or PIN to the moving team. This invoice is therefore for your own administration.


At Verhuisbedrijf Direct you are guaranteed to move for the lowest price. Do you find a better offer elsewhere? We will then refund you the difference.

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