Assembling Ikea furniture? Tips to make it go as smoothly as possible

Ikea, the Swedish department store with affordable prices and a huge range of furniture. Although the furniture is sold in kit form, which is basically practical for transporting the furniture. Assembling the IKEA furniture is most likely the most stressful part of the entire IKEA experience. The sofas are the most frustrating for most people according to the website Household Quotes, which mediates between homeowners and professional handymen.

The analysis of more than 50.000 tweets about IKEA shows that half of all tweets about Ikea sofas had an irritated tone. The wardrobes, bedside tables and chests of drawers are also furniture that require a lot of effort to assemble. That's why we have a number of tips that will make it easier for you to assemble your IKEA furniture.

Tip 1: Free up enough space

By giving yourself plenty of space, you're less likely to kick parts around and lose them. If you need more space, consider placing the furniture in a different room than where it will be used, but make sure it will fit through the door when finished. Inventory all the parts and pieces of your new furniture before you start building. Keep all small parts in their plastic bags and do not open them until you need them. Use a small plastic container to keep the pieces organized and prevent them from falling off the table or getting lost.


Tip 2: Follow the instructions

Take a quick look at the instructions to organize the parts and then follow them exactly step by step. If something doesn't make sense to you, read on, because there's always a reason why a piece needs to be built first.

Tip 3: Use your own tools

The tools you get from Ikea are often small and make the job a lot more complicated than necessary. We would like to advise you to use your own tools.


Tip 4: Get help from a technician – There is nothing wrong with hiring a technician for help!

Assembling Ikea furniture takes time, stress, and a lot of effort. Moving company Direct has technicians for the lowest prices who can assemble your (IKEA) furniture as quickly and cheaply as possible. Besides the fact that it is fast and cheap, you also have more time for yourself.

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