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De Kooi is a residential area in Leiden-Noord, Netherlands. The name of the area is derived from an earlier duck decoy. The area is bordered by Slaaghsloot in the north, Zijlwater in the east, Oude Rijn in the south and Kooilaan and Herensingel in the west. The land in this area at the bottom of the Rhine belonged to Leiderdorp until it was annexed in 1896. The Vereniging Woonhuis Werkmanswoningen was built by the architect WC near the current Celebesstraat. Mulder and B. Buurman. The part that is now called De Oude Kooi was the first major social housing project in Leiden around 1920. The quality of the houses built there is better than required by the Housing Act of 1901. The Kooipark section was designed by Dudok. Architects Jesse and J. Splinter designed several homes in De Kooi for housing association De Eendracht.

The streets in this area are mainly named after the geographical location of the former Dutch colony. This naming is inspired by the estate “Japan” on the Lager Rijndijk, and the name comes from the Japanese expert Philipp Franz von Siebold. The main streets are Kooilaan, Sumatrastraat and Lage Rijndijk. The busy Willem de Zwijgerlaan cuts the area into two parts directly north of the Kooiplein shopping center.

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