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The area includes the CBS municipalities of Hoge Mors, Lage Mors and Transvaalbuurt. Together with Stevenshof and Leeuwenhoek / Pesthuiswijk (including Leiden Biological Science Park and LUMC Base) it forms the West district. The area is bordered by the Oude Rijn river in the south, southwest and east, which is also called Galgewater locally. The area is further surrounded by the A44 motorway in the west and Plesmanlaan in the north.

Mors means nothing more than swamp, and swamp refers to the bottom of the Oude Rijn, where many swamp areas can be found. The name is also reflected in the name of the city center, Morsdistrict is separated by Morssingel, after which Morspoort provides access to Morsstraat and the D'Oude Morsch district.
The upper part of the Morse River at the dams/banks along the river was first settled. Morsweg, Hoge Morsweg and Rhijnhofweg are all part of this historic route and therefore the oldest part of Mors. The oldest building on these roads is a strip of water with the back facing the water. Because the Oude Rijn is primarily a working river, industry makes full use of the transport options this river offers. Over time, many activities were replaced by housing. The few industrial companies in the area, such as the Akerboom Yacht Equipment Shipyard and the Wernink concrete factory (closed around 2011), are reminders of the past. Rhijnhof estate is one of the few monumental buildings on the water. The associated estate has served as Rhijnhof Cemetery since 1910.
Lage Morsweg (Lage Morsweg) is another road with a long history in Moss. In fact, this is an old dike that forms the southwestern border of the Pesthuispolder. It is connected to the Haagse Schouwweg (formerly Haagse Straatweg) and is an important mode of land transportation from Leyte to The Hague to Leiden. Now home to a medical nursery, Slaagh Farm is a remnant of the area's agricultural history. The farm was built in 1940 to replace the centuries-old De Slaag farm on the Haagse Schouwweg (demolished on June 9, 1944). On the corner of the Lage Morsweg and the Haagse Schouwweg there is another farm called Kweeklust (built in 1911), which was built after the fire in 1972. The area belonged to Oegstgeest until Leiden annexed the first part of Moss in 1920, after which the rest (including Hog Moss) was merged in 1966.
The Lage Morsweg is another shopping center in and near the Diamantplein shopping center in Hoge Mors. The shopping center also focuses on Lage Mors. It has 18 stores including a medium-sized supermarket with a total area of ​​almost 2500 square meters. The square in front of the shopping center was redesigned in 2013. Small retailers can also be found on Morsweg in the Transvaalbuurt, but the community is mainly concentrated in the city center. There are also shops along the Lage Morsweg. The most economic activities are concentrated in the industrial area / rail between Rhine and rail, and Anforavig between Rhine and Dr. Lelyland (N206). With the closure of the Wernink concrete factory in 2011, mainly trading and service companies have now been established. In addition, there are still incidental activities along the Hoge Morsweg and Morsweg as relics of industrial history, but over time they have been replaced by urban expansion. You will also find there moving company Leiden.
Most amenities in the area are located in and around the Diamantplein shopping center. In 2002, a new health center was opened in Vondraan. The Robijnstraat health center was completely renovated in 2009. The Robijnhof residential care center is part of the Libertas Leiden Foundation. On November 17, 2016, Robinhof Care Center was “temporarily closed” until at least 2021, when residents were transferred to Lien and Fleet. It is difficult for most residents to move from the familiar De Mors neighborhood. Since January 2017, ID holders, students and people who need light support have been living in the nursing department of Robijnhof until a decision has been made about renovation or new construction.
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