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Moving pianos can sometimes be quite a challenge. We at Moving Company Direct strongly recommend using a qualified moving company when you need to transport your ebony and ivory piano. Moving Company Direct is one of the most reliable piano movers in the Netherlands. We have had numerous Dutch residents who trust us with moving grand pianos, baby grand pianos, upright pianos, spinet pianos, and many other styles, shapes and designs of this beautiful instrument. But how exactly does moving a piano work? We discuss that here. 


Moving pianos, like playing the piano, is an art that takes practice. Before moving a piano, we gather enough moving blankets to cover different parts of the piano, and enough tape to keep them in place. The covers provide a layer of protection to the piano so that your piano is not at risk of damage. First, we cover the piano keys with blankets to prevent them from shifting and being damaged during shipping. Then all removable parts must be removed from the piano for separate packaging. We can transport smaller items that belong to the piano in a moving box. This can be as simple as loosening it by hand, but sometimes a tool such as a Phillips or Allen screwdriver is needed to loosen parts such as pedals.


Once the piano has been reduced to just parts that cannot be detached, we make sure that almost every part of the piano is covered with blankets to ensure that no part of the piano is damaged, but there is one area that must be left open: the handles. Using these to lift the piano is the best way to move it. The piano will have to be picked up at some point so that our movers can move from it Moving company You can also immediately cover the bottom with blankets.


If the piano is completely covered with blankets, moving it is still difficult. Piano movers in Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands, especially in cities, have to deal with tight free spaces in the famous cozy city apartments. If clearance is particularly tight, the movers may need to measure the available space to see how much space the piano will take up to see if it will fit. Then, movers usually use a piano board to actually transport the piano. Otherwise the piano will be too heavy, too large and too difficult to transport.


Now you may be wondering, how much will it cost me if I want to move a piano? That is a good question. At Moving Company Direct we charge per hour per mover. The costs are 30 euros per hour. If you only want to transport a piano via a moving company, our smallest van will suffice. Would you like to know exactly how much it will cost to move your piano? Then look at the rates page or do one quotation.

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