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Tips for smooth house clearance

House eviction: an unexpected necessary evil

In most cases, having to vacate a home is a major and emotional affair. The reason can have various causes, but is almost always a sad one; for example, the death of a loved one or the move of parents to a nursing home. Then the house suddenly has to be emptied. And although it is for a moving company part of the daily work, a house clearance is always slightly different from a normal move due to the emotions involved for those involved. It is nice to know that an experienced person moving company if Moving Company Direct handles this situation respectfully, regardless of the reason.

What to do during a house clearance

Because a house clearance is understandably associated with a lot of emotion for those involved, hiring a moving company can be a wise choice. Not because we think we might be better at moving, but mainly because the professional mover is not emotionally involved with the house and the former occupant(s). Someone who has distance is better able to manage the evacuation. The real movers will empty the house with respect, remove any carpeting and leave the house ready for you to sweep. They will discuss with you in advance where the items should go. Please also know that you can have your belongings delivered to various locations. Consider, for example, (temporary) storage, a thrift store, or the address of family or friends.

Planning a house clearance

A house clearance inevitably evokes emotions for those involved. Logical, because a house is not only full of things; a house is also packed with precious memories. You can take a moment to think about that. But from a practical point of view, this slows down the eviction. Why not take the time to save all the memories yourself and let a moving company take care of the practical side of the evacuation? Then you can be sure that nothing is overlooked. However, good planning is also necessary. A moving company can assist you with this.

  1. Appoint a coordinator
    Have a family member or friend coordinate the home clearance and liaise with the moving company. This prevents tasks from being left behind or being performed twice.
  2. Take the time you need
    Allow plenty of time to empty the house. Consider what should be done with the house and its contents. Don't make hasty decisions. The notice period for a rental house is a maximum of 6 months after death. Don't wait until the very last moment to empty it, but make use of the entire period
  3. Sort out the paperwork
    Map the administration regarding mortgage, loans, bills, insurance, subscriptions, etc.
  4. Cancel rent or sell house?
    For a rental house, a statutory eviction period of six months applies. And note the one-month notice period. Selling a house? Then contact a real estate agent in good time.
  5. Distributing contents
    Dividing the contents takes the most time. Who wants to have what? Work with labels and write on them what needs to go to which location. Movers can then see at a glance what they need to do.

We help you with a house clearance

We hope that you will not have to deal with this for the time being, but if you are faced with a house clearance, you can always call 070 214 94 22. You can also leave a message outside office hours via our online contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible!

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