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Voorhout, located in South Holland. Voorhout falls under the municipality of Teylingen and is located in the Bollenstreek. Voorhout is close to Leiden. Are you looking for one? moving company in Voorhout? Then you have come to the right place at moving company Direct. We have been helping private individuals and companies as a moving company in Voorhout for 8 years. Not only do we offer safe transport for all your goods, but we also ensure a good price.

We do everything we can to help our customers with complete removals in South Holland and the surrounding area. Below you will see a list of things we can do for you.

100% dedication

We work with our full dedication for our customers. It does not matter whether you want to outsource the entire move or just part of it. In both cases we try to offer the user a good experience. That is why our staff is well trained and must meet certain requirements before they are hired. Our success lies in the performance we deliver for our customers.

premium services

Whether you are moving to Voorhout or another place, moving can be quite a hassle. In addition, there is a lot of time and stress involved. We want to take this off your hands. We do this by not only doing removals, we take care of the complete removals. These are some of the services we can provide to our customers:

  • Complete removals
  • Moving forces
  • Moving lifts
  • Small/semi-removals
  • Evictions
  • Transporting
  • (dis)assembly of furniture
  • Packing work
  • Delivery of moving boxes + packing materials
  • Piano transportation
  • Available in a large field

We have more than 7 years of experience with the removals we do. And we score an average of 4.8 in our rating. We score so high because we respond to the needs of our customers. We hope to give you such an experience with our moving service. We also rent out moving lifts .

Best service for a low price

We are proud of the service we can provide you. Compared to other companies, we are one of the cheapest in the Netherlands. Our specialty is to help both companies and private individuals with their relocation. We can make moving easier.

For both removals and transport. We therefore help with your complete move to or from Voorhout. Are you not sure which services are best for you? Then it is smart to contact us. We can then see what best suits your needs.

Expert in our field

A good reason why Verhuisbedrijf is so well known is because we provide our service in every place in South Holland. Other places where we provide our service are, for example, in: ZoetermeerEindhovenThe HagueRotterdam en Utrecht.

During the evacuation we will leave the home or business premises broom clean. You can indicate in advance exactly which items you want to keep, which items can be reused and which items our movers can remove. Do you have a business move in Voorhout or the surrounding area? Moving company Direct has a lot of experience with this. A business move is a time-consuming and strenuous job. Fortunately, our experienced movers know exactly what to do to ensure that your move runs smoothly and quickly.

Move without damage

Move without damage. Maybe it seems obvious to you? That's actually how it should be, but enough things often get broken during moves. We know how annoying it can be if your belongings are damaged, which is why we ensure that your belongings remain intact during a move.


How do you do that? you're probably wondering. We do this through the professional staff who transport your belongings. In addition, you are insured for a high amount. If you would like more information about this, please contact us and request a quote.

Contact our moving company from Voorhout

Would you like to use our professional movers in Voorhout? Please feel free to call our moving company so that we can help you and you can move cheaply from, to or within Voorhout. It is possible to let us first prepare a quote without obligation. For more information, call 085-2013070 or send an email to:

In addition to Voorhout, we are also active in, among other things BoskoopAlphen aan den RijnThe HagueHonselersdijkGouda en Warmond.

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You can also rent moving equipment from us. You can get a moving lift for €80 per hour.



Thanks to our excellent procedure, all your goods are transported safely. You are insured up to €100.000.


Hourly rates

We offer very attractive hourly rates. This means you already have a moving worker for €35 per hour.

Want to move worry-free?

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You can ask us your questions free of charge and without obligation. After all, we have extensive experience with removals πŸ™‚

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