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Looking for an affordable move to or from Zegveld? Then you have come to the right place at moving company Direct. Our moving service has helped many satisfied customers move for more than 8 years. Not only do we provide the right professionalism, we also offer fair prices. Whether you have a lot to spend or not: we provide our services for every budget.

Our experienced movers help more than 150 people move to their new home every month. Not only private individuals can rely on our moving company, we are also happy to help companies so that they can also move cheaply from, to or within Zegveld.

Would you like to use our services? moving company? Request a no-obligation quote via telephone number: 0852013070. We will arrange your move in Zegveld.

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Call us from Zegveld: also for evictions or emergency moves.



You can also rent moving equipment from us. You can get a moving lift for €80 per hour.



Thanks to our excellent procedure, all your goods are transported safely. You are insured up to €100.000.


Hourly rates

We offer very attractive hourly rates. This means you already have a moving worker for €35 per hour.

  Want to calculate the costs of your move?

A move is not just anything. There are many steps that must be taken to successfully complete a move. This is why it is useful to have clarity in advance about the various factors involved in a move. Consider the locations, access roads and heights of the 2 buildings. Can a truck reach everything or perhaps a moving lift is needed to take the sofa to an apartment on the 2nd floor?de to deepen?

There are therefore many different things that need to be considered in advance before the move can actually take place.

Are you not completely sure or do you have additional questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

It is not possible to give a price indication in advance of how much your move will cost. This has a number of reasons. Firstly, every move is unique. This is due to the locations of the 2 buildings between which the move takes place, the number of kilometers between them, the type of home/building, the amount of items that need to be transported and much more. Feel free to request a quote from us, we are one of the most affordable moving companies in the Netherlands.

If you already have experience with planning, you can quickly and easily make an appointment with us. Have you never planned a move before? This doesn't matter, not everyone has experience with removals in this area. We at moving company Direct can help you.


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