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Do you live in Zwiep and are you planning to move? Then call or email from Zwiep to moving company Direct. We have over 8 years of experience in helping private individuals with a move. As business. We always offer you a good price when moving. So that it is affordable for both those with a small and a large budget.


Why use one moving company in Zwiep?

Why should you hire a moving company? There are many reasons why you may choose to hire a moving company.

A move involves a lot of costs. Even if you do not use a moving company. A move usually takes a number of days. So in addition to a lot of time, it also costs a lot of money. If you use a moving company, the move will be a lot faster. Which can save you a lot in terms of costs.

Furthermore, a move can be very hard on your body. If you have to carry a lot of boxes and have a lot of heavy items, it can happen that it hits you in the back. Of course no one wants this. The movers at Verhuisbedrijf Direct have a lot of experience in moving a lot of heavy items. The job will then be completed much faster and you will not have to worry about any physical problems.

Furthermore, you can trust that the move will be carried out professionally. Our staff is trained and has a lot of experience with removals. So your belongings arrive undamaged in your new home. In addition, you are insured with us up to 25.000 euros.

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Moving to another municipality

When you move to Zwiep or from Zwiep, you can count on friendly, careful and experienced movers who value your belongings and wishes. Good service is very important to us. That is why we provide the best movers for your move who are professional and know what they are doing.

You can hire our good moving workers for nothing more than 25 euros per hour! Let us know in advance what you want and we will send you a quote as soon as possible. This way you know exactly what the costs are of your move to or from Zwiep.

What does Verhuisbedrijf Direct do?

Our moving company not only helps with moving your belongings. We can help you with everything related to moving. You can indicate which services you want to use during your move to or from Zwiep. For example, do you live in an apartment in a high-rise building? And don't the things all fit in the elevator? Then it is smart to use a moving lift.

In addition to this, our other services include hiring multiple movers, delivery of packing materials and/or moving boxes, assistance with packing and unpacking, delivery of moving lifts, (dis)assembly of furniture, piano transport and evacuations.

Moving costs

You're probably wondering, how much exactly will this move cost me? good question. Many people think that hiring a home-based company can be expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Whether you want to use a mover or a handyman. In the cases where you use a person (whatever task he/she relieves you of). We charge call-out costs. You can hire a mover or handyman for as little as 25 euros per hour.

Would you like more information about the costs? then take a look at our rates page.

Also contact us from Zwiep for eviction or emergency relocation

Would you like to use our moving service so that we can help you move cheaply from, to or within Zwiep? Please contact our moving company and the experienced movers will come to you. You can also contact us for evictions, business relocations and emergency relocations. Enough reasons to choose our moving service! Call Zwiep 085-2013070 or send an email to:

About moving company Direct

We make more than 100 to 200 people happy every month through our moving service. We have years of experience in the field of removals & transports. We do this both in Zwiep and beyond. Our staff is qualified and can provide you with complete peace of mind during your move. Interested? You can order one without obligation via the website quote to request. Or contact us by telephone for your move to/from Zwiep.

In addition to Zwiep, we are also active in: VlaardingenWarmondLeiderdorpLisse en Moordrecht.

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Moving company Direct is not only active in Zwiep. Also in cities like Alphen aan den RijnDordrechtSpijkenisseScheveningen en Tilburg.



You can also rent moving equipment from us. You can get a moving lift for €80 per hour.



Thanks to our excellent procedure, all your goods are transported safely. You are insured up to €100.000.


Hourly rates

We offer very attractive hourly rates. This means you already have a moving worker for €35 per hour.

Want to move worry-free?

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Questions about your move? Need tips?

You can ask us your questions free of charge and without obligation. After all, we have extensive experience with removals πŸ™‚

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