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How to move during the corona pandemic?

How to move during the corona pandemic?

Moving is already one of the three most stressful events in life. Followed closely by death and divorce. Moving during the Corona pandemic is already becoming more difficult. This because of the limited freedom of movement imposed makes the process feel overwhelming.

With many years of experience Moving company Immediately there to guide you through the entire process. From choosing a reputable company to preparing for moving day.

Moving during corona: Choose a good moving company

Before moving during the Corona pandemic The same recommendations currently apply when researching a reputable moving company. Do your research, ask friends, family or your real estate agent for trusted referrals and check the company online.

In addition to the usual advice, here are a few more things to consider during this time:

  • Phone or virtual estimate. In most cases, your moving company should be able to give you a free phone or virtual estimate so that there is no need to send someone to your home to provide a moving quote. In cases where an on-site quotation is required. Should this be prepared with a mask or face covering, and should you wear one?
  • Operational changes. Your moving company should be able to list specific operational changes they have implemented since the outbreak of the Corona virus. These should include precautions such as daily health checks for all employees, increased cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment, social distancing on moving day, and contactless interaction with your moving staff. Including finalizing payment and paperwork at the end of the move.
  • Penalty-free rescheduling. Ask your moving company about penalty-free rescheduling in case you or someone in your household is asked to quarantine before moving day. Reputable companies will not only offer this, but they will also insist on ensuring the safety of their staff.

Preparing your move

Our blog is full of information about how to prepare for a traditional move, but in this post we want to focus specifically on preparing for your move during the Corona pandemic. In addition to organizing, packing and preparing children or pets for moving day. There are several other issues to consider at this time.

  • Boxes and materials. Try not to buy packing materials, but have your movers deliver them to your home. If available. This is a good option to help you limit unnecessary time in public spaces. And usually, the boxes available are sturdier than what you'll find at a big box store. Packing some (or all) of the loose household items yourself also makes things easier when the movers arrive.
  • Safety supplies. Make sure you and everyone in your family has access to clean masks or face coverings for moving day (movers should come prepared with their own masks or face coverings). Use a box or small container to create a “Covid Kit” that you can easily find and take with you to your new home. In addition to the masks, this should also include soap, paper towels and/or hand sanitizer. So you and your family can clean your hands all day long.

    2 other points

  • Health check. It is important to do a health check of you and everyone in your home 24 hours before moving day. If someone is sick, has a fever, or has been around someone who is/was sick, you will need to reschedule your move to ensure the safety of the movers. Your moving company should perform the same daily health check on their employees.
  • Moving day plan. You will be asked to leave your home after the movers have taken the first steps and instead communicate with them by phone or video. If this is not possible, you will be asked to isolate to a location in your home, such as a bedroom or office. Pre-packing an essential bag makes this easier. In addition to the important things that you want to have at hand. Such as your wallet, keys, phone and medicines. You will also want to pack something to keep you busy. Such as a book or a well-charged laptop or tablet.

Tips for a stress-free move Corona Pandemic

Make sure you're ready for the morning walk-through with your movers. Here they will ask questions about what is being moved and what needs special attention. You should also let them know your plan for social distancing and the best way to communicate with you throughout the move.

Here are a few suggestions to make moving day easier:

  • Hand washing station. At both moving locations, the plan is to designate a sink that the movers can use to wash their hands throughout the move. Make sure this area is stocked with hand soap and paper towels. During the day of the move, designate the hand washing station to the movers.
  • Social distancing. You and your movers will be safer if you are prepared to leave your home for the duration of the move. Once the initial walk through with your movers is complete. Moving Company Direct is prepared to communicate with customers via telephone calls, text messages or video calls during the entire duration of the move. Let the movers know what type of communication works best for you. As mentioned above, if you are unable to leave, you should isolate to one location in your home. Such as a bedroom or office.
  • Stress-free time. While your movers are at work, you will likely have some free time. To help reduce the stress of moving day, try to do something relaxing for at least some of this time. This could mean enjoying a walk. Read a book or spend time cleaning and preparing your new home, if it's nearby. This is where your essential bag will come in handy. You should have a few items on hand to help you occupy your time.

Moving by Moving Company Direct during the corona pandemic

Hopefully, these tips will help you make a good choice and experience a stress-free move. Do you want your move to be carried out by a professional moving company? Then contact us.


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Marie the Younger

3 years ago

Health checks are of course important at this time. I also chose to hire a moving company during my previous move and not to rely on my friends. I also kept my distance myself.

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