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Moving during the holidays: some tips

Moving during a holiday can be quite stressful. Overwhelming and a bit scary at first glance. However, there can be a few benefits to a holiday move if you do it right. There are certain things you can do to make things easier on yourself and your family, and will make the move even more enjoyable than moving at any other time of year. In this blog from Moving Company Direct we share 5 tips to make your move during a holiday as easy as possible.

Reuse moving boxes

It seems like everyone is doing their shopping online this year. Holiday and birthday gifts for yourself and others are arriving on your doorstep, which is great, until you end up with all the cardboard.

What you can do is use these cardboard boxes for moving. This can help you reduce your ecological footprint. What you can also do is professional buy moving boxes. This ensures that you can transport your belongings easily and safely.

Keep an eye on the weather

The weather can be very changeable during the holidays or holidays, no matter where you live. Make sure you monitor the Weather Channel as closely as possible so you can plan for extreme weather like snow, wind, or lightning that can make it difficult for even professional moving companies to do their job properly.

Donate used items to reduce the number of items you have to move

Typically, we encourage people to reduce the number of items they need to move before it's time to move. Not only to save money, but also to simplify the moving process. Garage sales and estate sales are common when people move, but choosing to donate your lightly used furniture (or smaller items like clothes) that you no longer need or are not taking with you is a great way to embrace the holiday spirit and help someone in need. to bless. Many donation centers encourage donations, especially around the holidays; find one near you!

Combine your holiday greeting card with your life update

Many families send holiday cards to their loved ones to wish them a happy holiday and keep them updated on what is going on in their lives. No doubt a change of residence will be included in that update! However, many think that a mention of the move is sufficient and choose to send a separate change of address to those who need it. If you're moving at any other time of the year, that system works, but you can kill two birds with one stone if you move during the holidays. Include your change of address with your holiday card (or in the same envelope if you want to keep them at least somewhat separate) to save on postage and time.

Hire a professional moving company now

Professional movers take the opportunity to give their employees time off during the holidays so they can spend time with their families and get some well-deserved rest. As a result, moving companies are usually sparsely populated during the holidays and may be less available for moves. Once you set a date for your move, book your moving company as soon as possible so they can ensure there are enough staff available for your move. Click here to request a quote.

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