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Moving without stress

Yes, it's almost time! You're finally moving in a few months. You've been waiting for years to find a new home and now it's almost time to move in. But how are you going to pack all the stuff and how will these things be transported to the new home?

It's not easy to move. Everyone has a different story about how their moving period ends. The most important thing is to have a beautiful memory of this period before you start your new life in your new home.

Moving can sometimes be quite difficult. From dozens of boxes, tires, scissors, the dust on your hands while clearing the bookshelf, cleaning the apartments, the heavy suitcases and the shortness of breath from going up and down the stairs. With the right tips and good help, this can go smoothly.

What is the best way to pack your things?

First of all, it is important that you know what you are taking with you to the new home. Distinguish between all items. Don't put everything together in a box, but make sure it is sorted. For example, put all the books in 1 box, put all the kitchen items together and don't mix up all the clothes with those of your housemates. Wrap fragile items with paper. In addition, it is important to mention what is in the boxes. Write what is inside with a marker on all sides of the boxes. This will save you searching later. Even if there is something fragile in a box, it is important that you clearly state it. This way you know that you have to pay extra attention while carrying it.

What is the easiest way to transport your belongings?

You've finally finished packing and you see that you have dozens of boxes that need to go to the new house. Don't forget the furniture. You will definitely have to drive the car back and forth several times to deliver the items. Or maybe you had to rent a bus for a large amount? This will no longer be necessary. You can move cheaply with Verhuisbedrijf Direct.

Moving Company Direct is happy to help you!

There is no need to stress at all. It can all be easier. Why would you spend so long and tire yourself out while we can arrange all this for you? Moving Company Direct helps you from packing to arranging and assembling the furniture in your new home. We are known for our reliability. You choose how extensive you want your move to be. We can help you with the following services: moving workers, complete removals, small/half removals, moving lifts, clearances, transport, (dis)assembly of furniture, packing work and the supply of moving boxes + packing materials. We work with experienced moving workers who know exactly how to best help you. Thanks to Verhuisbedrijf Direct it is possible to move cheaply and quickly, without stress.

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