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Looking for a low cost move to or from Bernisse? Then you have come to the right place with Moving Company Direct Bernisse For over 8 years, our moving services have helped many satisfied customers relocate. Not only do we provide the right level of professionalism, but we also offer fair prices. Whether you have a lot to spend or not, we provide our services for every budget. Our experienced movers help over 150 people to their new homes every month. We are not only for private individuals, we are also happy to help companies so that they can also move inexpensively from, to or within Bernisse. Would you like to use the services of our moving company? Then request a no-obligation quotation by calling: 0852013070. We will arrange your move in Bernisse!
Would you like to calculate the costs of your move?

Call us from Bernisse: also for evictions or urgent removals



You can also rent moving equipment from us! Such as a moving elevator for as little as €80,- per hour.



Due to our excellent transporation methods, all of your goods will be safely transported. You are insured up to €100.000,-.


Hourly rates

We offer very attractive hourly rates. You can rent a mover for as low as € 35,- per hour.

Need to calculate the costs of your move?
Perhaps you have moved before or have helped someone you know with moving and have long known how to do it. In this case, making an appointment is easy. However, you may have no idea how to plan the move. In this case you can contact us without any obligation. Get in contact via our contact form of ask for an obligation free quote.
In advance, it is not possible to give a price estimate on how much your move will cost. This is for a number of reasons. First of all, every move is unique. This is due to the locations of the 2 properties that are moved between, the number of kilometers between them, the type of home/building, the amount of stuff that needs to be transported and much more. Feel free to ask for a quotation from us, as we are one of the cheapest moving companies in the Netherlands.
For some people, hiring a moving company is a big step, and that is logical. There can be a lot involved! That is why it is useful to be well prepared in advance and to know what will be involved. What is needed for a move depends entirely on the logistics and your location. Do you live high up in a narrow street in Amsterdam, for example? Then it will definitely be advisable to rent a moving elevator. Are you unsure of exactly what you need? Don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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